Neuenhauser Automation for Spinning Mills

Neuenhauser Automation for Spinning Mills:

Frequently designated as the highest priority is the reduction of wage costs as one advantage from a whole series of advantages regarding the use of fully or partially automated transport systems for spinning mills.

With the collective experience and competence of our internationally active company, which has grown over the decades, we help our customers to find the appropriate transport solutions for a safe, clean and efficient operating process which is gentle on people and materials.

The systems can be integrated into a relatively small space and integrated seamlessly into the overall concept of any spinning mill. We know the requirements of the business and are happy to address individual challenges.

  • Autoflow (Cone Transport System):
    Neuenhauser provides individual customized solutions. The Autoflow system is capable to unload, transport and pack-out more than 2000 packages/hr, while tracking more than 30 different package types at the same time for both Ring Spinning & Open-End machines.
    According to customer’s requirements, packages are sent to a palletizer, to a carton box packing system and/or to a sack packing system.
    Following video is from Ibrahim Fibers (Pakistan), operational since July 2018.
  •  TEXTRA (Roving Transport System)
    The TEXTRA transport system is used for roving bobbin transport. The system consists mainly of closed profile rails, curves, switches and independent transport trolleys driven by friction motors.
    Following video shows Systems from Ibrahim Fibers & Suraj Cotton (Pakistan), operational since 2017.
  •  Lap Transport System:
    Lap Transport System is used to transport comber laps from Lap formers to combers and empty tubes back to Lap former. An over-head automatic travel carriage is used for transportation.
    Fully Automatic Lap Transport System in Ibrahim Fibers (Pakistan) is operational since September 2019.–Zq-JXVRk&t=8s
  •  Auto-Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
    Automated Guided Vehicle, is an industrial vehicle that autonomously (self-driving) transports materials while it navigates automaticlly through its envirnomment.
    Neuenhauser was long focused on solving the challenges facing most of its yarn manufacturing customers i.e. The efficient automated handling of Sliver Cans. Neuenhauser have successfully taken on this task and able to rethink how to automate the labor-intensive operation now, used to manually move sliver cans within the spinning plant.
    The new AGV development required a high degree of precision and expertise.
    Following video is from Parkdale Mills (USA), operational since 2018.