ATC Technology Consultants (Private) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of ATC Holdings dedicated to supplying innovative technological solutions to the Pakistani Textile Industry. With over 50 years of experience the Company has a strong brand and network of sales and service engineers to meet the diverse requirements of its clients ranging from BMR (Balancing Modernization and Replacement) solutions, new machinery, plant automation to green technologies.



Where Our Story began

ATC Technology Consultants (Private) Limited was established in 1964 to provide textile technology to the Pakistani Industry. The company has diversified focus on long-term relationships with global partners. Its operations range from textile machinery & equipment, technological components & after- sales services.

Our Vision

To be the Leading B2B Supplier of Textile Systems, Technological Components, Green Technologies & Services to the Textile Industry of Pakistan

ATC Technology Consultants (Private) Limited’s vision is to continue to provide the Textile Industry with the highest level of customer and technical service. In pursuit of this, we have always believed in building up professional teams. Through our dedicated sales and service people, we are able to meet the challenges of the future.