What we offer

The leading one stop B2B supplier of textile systems, technological components & services to the Textile Industry in Pakistan! We provide a full sales service to an extensive customer base throughout the textile industry in Pakistan.

Fair Dealing with Clients

Fair Dealing

Effective Customer Relationship

Effective Customer Relationship Management Systems.

Professional Customer Service

Professional Customer Service from Pre-Sales to Post-Sales.

Technical Support to the Principals

Technical Support to the Principals Fully Equipped & Trained Service Centers in Lahore & Karachi.

Essential Spares and Travelers Stocks

Essential Spares & Travelers Stocks in our Two Warehouses (Lahore & Karachi)

Organize Direct Marketing

Organize Direct Marketing through Events & Exhibitions, Seminars, Open Days & Newsletters for our Valued Principals.

Machines & Systems

We value our clients as assets, and we are always looking forward for cordial and long term relationship with them. We are involved in different kinds of business and enjoying with the most cordial business relations established with our suppliers and our clients throughout the world.

Bonino Carding Machines

Cotton cards, Non-woven cards, woolen cards, Fiber preparation machines, rotary cutter and tearing machines


Soft & hard waste recycling lines, non-woven lines

Saurer Jintan

Blowroom and carding machines


Automation for Spinning Mills and MMF Production, Batch winder – Center winder, Coating & Drying Systems

Our Clients

Celebrating 50 years of service to the Pakistani Textile Industry!

Meet Our People

We are a diverse multinational with Asian roots and a proud entrepreneurial heritage. Our people are the reason for our success and the source of our strength and expertise.

Zahid Majeed
Chief Executive Officer
Abrar Hasan
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