Machines and Systems

Bonino Carding Machines

Cotton cards, Non-woven cards, woolen cards, Fiber preparation machines, rotary cutter and tearing machines


Dye package winding systems, rewinding & air covering machines


Soft & hard waste recycling lines, non-woven lines


Narrow fabric and woven label machines


Automation for Spinning Mills and MMF Production, Batch winder – Center winder, Coating & Drying Systems

Saurer Jintan

Blowroom and carding machines

Saurer Twisting Solutions

With intelligent and economical solutions Saurer Twisting Solutions regularly defines the benchmarks for twisting and cabling machines for tire cord, carpet, staple fibre, glass filament and industrial yarns.


Travelling Cleaners for Spinning and Weaving Mills, Roving Bobbin Transport Systems, FX-Systems (selective removal of dust and fibres)


Elite compact spinning, EliTwist, Premium parts for open end, Spinning and drafting system

Wuxi Hong Yua

Draw texturizing machines