Machines and Systems

Bonino Carding Machines

Cotton cards, Non-woven cards, woolen cards, Fiber preparation machines, rotary cutter and tearing machines


Soft & hard waste recycling lines, non-woven lines

Saurer Jintan

Blowroom and carding machines


Automation for Spinning Mills and MMF Production, Batch winder – Center winder, Coating & Drying Systems


Travelling Cleaners for Spinning and Weaving Mills, Roving Bobbin Transport Systems, FX-Systems (selective removal of dust and fibres)


Elite compact spinning, EliTwist, Premium parts for open end, Spinning and drafting system

Saurer Volkmann

Fusion twisters: VTS-09 Eco, VTS-09, VTS-08,VTS-07 Compact twisters CT, Carpet & cabling twisters


Dye package winding systems, rewinding & air covering machines

Gaston Systems

Special foaming finishing systems

Go Front

Yarn and fabric dyeing range

Wuxi Hong Yua

Draw texturizing machines


Narrow fabric and woven label machines